Due to the digital revolution in the industry, the maritime sector has already started to implement digital solutions . Big data analysis of ships, augmented and virtual reality, cloud technologies , machine learning and cognitive artificial intelligence are technologies that are revolutionizing processes in the maritime sector.

Examples of use cases and VR implementation in the maritime sector:

Wärtsilä Simulation Solutions

Taking training to the next level, our award-winning cloud simulation solution helps maritime schools and centres deliver a high-standard classroom learning experience remotely — on-demand, anytime, anywhere and without additional hardware.

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v360maritime – MASTVR

v360 training develop training solutions using immersive technology. Creators of MASTVR (Marine Application for Safety & Training via Virtual Reality), a turn-key VR training system designed by industry experts for delivering on-site, flexible training.

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FLAIM – Fully immersive VR learning solutions for training in hazardous and emergency situations

FLAIM developed a world leading multi-sensory immersive learning solutions for training in hazardous and emergency situations. Their solution includes FLAIM Trainer – which is the world’s first immersive technology enabled firefighter training solution. FLAIM Trainer combines high fidelity virtual hazardous fire environments, audio and industry standard equipment to deliver a fully immersive, multi-sensory, physical experience that enables firefighters to train more, learn more and be better prepared for the risks they face when delivering their service to the community. FLAIM Extinguisher is the world’s leading immersive learning solution for the fire and safety industry. FLAIM Extinguisher incorporates a broad, expanding, range of virtual fire scenarios in industrial, commercial, medical, transport, lab and warehouse environments that enable initial responders, and the general public, to learn OH&S correct procedures and develop safe and effective extinguisher management techniques.

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VSTEP –  Virtual Reality for Health and Safety training

The petrochemical industry is very dangerous to operate in, where incidents can have a devasting impact on the company, people, and employees. Due to the unique nature of the field, training professionals face challenges such as maintaining safety standards, the cost and time of staging an incident, wear and tear of equipment.

Having an effective training tool can help petrochemical personnel enhance safety preparedness before encountering dangerous situations in real life. Virtual training allows trainees to experience an immersive training experience in a controlled, risk-free environment. Ultimately, this helps reduce the risk of environmental and safety accidents and promotes a safer workplace.

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Morild Navigator

Morild Navigator is a full mission ship & bridge simulator based on virtual reality (VR) Technology. It enables you to train ship handling, navigation and bridge resource management (BRM). In addition, one can collaborate with colleagues on the same vessel in the same scenario – even when located at multiple locations around the world.

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