Need Analysis Report

Report on youth’s needs and most commonly needed skills for their occupation..

VR System

Application of VR from gamification to being a valuable tool to develop youth’s life skills.


Curriculum for youth  on how to use VR tool to find out suitable occupation related their skills.

VR Exhibition

Series of exhibitions to demonstrate the VR-platform, curriculum and materials.

Why Life Skills VR

The project aims to provide youth the necessary skills and knowledge of what their skills and abilities are and in which occupation they can excel and have a bright future. By approaching the issue at the earliest stage, the aim is to prepare the young and to reduce stress and future dissatisfaction and provide a glance of the future opportunities. The users will know the missing skills and will be able to focus on the important aspects by themselves and therefore will be able to eliminate skills mismatching and develop key skills.


Here are some pictures from Life Skills VR exhibition held in Portugal.

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Click the icon to download Life Skills VR app. The work with Meta Quest 2.

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